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Dragons pair staggering Residents of West Kutai

COMMUNITY Kutai Barat (Kubar), especially the citizens of the Mahakam Ulu shocked by a pair of giant snakes drums or about 60 centimeters in diameter, with a length of about 40 meters. The giant snake twisted look at the water surface in Riam Haloq, Tuyoq Long Village, Long PAHANGAI District.

Giant snake that crossed this river is believed Dayak community as a dragon. Based on information compiled Tribune, actual occurrence of events “dragon” occurred on Friday (29 / 1) last week.

At the time a longboat departs from Long Bagun to Long PAHANGAI. Longboat arrived during the day in Kampung Long Tuyuq, Haloq Riam upper reaches. That’s when passengers longboat motor and saw a pair of giant snakes across the surface of the Mahakam River in the opposite direction.

So knowing a pair of “dragons” by, motor longboat pulled directly into the river for fear of victimization. “It turned out that both the dragon went on and did not feel hampered by the presence longboat,” said Dodik, who heard the story of his family in the Mahakam Ulu.

After that, motor and some direct passengers to use mobile phones to take pictures with cameras because they think it’s a rare moment. Kubar own in the area, photograph the giant snake has spread and people get excited.

According to a citizen Lutan Village, subdistrict of Long relations, actually there are two dragons that look. One dragon is believed a male skeleton, because in his head were two horns and a female dragon because there are no horns. Both animals have four legs, a black color with a length of about 40 meters and diameter of the body about 60 centimeters.

He added, Tuyoq Long before there was even a citizen and his son who were hunting pigs, to see the giant snake. Shock, the child could not even speak until now.

According to local belief, the emergence of “dragon” for the Dayak tribe is a sign, the notice will be heavy rain that accompanied the flood that occurred three days after the appearance of a giant snake. It was more convincing because since Monday (1 / 2) until Wednesday (3 / 2), water Mahakam River overflowed and caused floods that hit several districts along the Mahakam River. Among Long Bagun, Laham, Long Relationships, Long Iram, Tering, perform, Muara PAHU, PENYINGGAHAN, and Mook Manaar Bulatn.

Difficult Access

The village of Long Tuyoq located in Long PAHANGAI District. Area 126.95 square kilometers and inhabited by a majority Busang Bahau Dayak tribe. They live along the Mahakam River in the eyes of the search for rainfed farmers, rubber, vanilla, hunting, and traditional gold miners.

Long Tuyoq a remote area so that access to get there pretty hard. From Samarinda if using small aircraft DAS, took an hour until the Datah Dawai. After that had to move on with small boat to downstream Mahakam River, takes about two hours. If using a longboat, it takes an hour.

Whereas if you use a motor boat (water taxi) from Samarinda to Long Bagun take two days. From Long Bagun followed by using the speedboat, the charge USD 500 thousand per person. While longboat USD 400 thousand per person.

It took 12 hours from Long Bagun up on Long Tuyoq. Path through which the river full of challenges and risks of having to face the ferocity of cascade-cascade in along the Mahakam River. Cascade is known that most ferocious and Riam Riam Long Shrimp, there are rocks, sharp and whirlpool ready to swallow the boat if not careful crossing.

On both sides of the Mahakam River to the village of Long Tuyoq grown large trees the size of a buffalo’s body.

Snakes 33 Meters

Earlier, in February 2009 and, Borneo is also the world fuss, as appears an aerial photograph showing the giant snake was crossing a river in Sarawak, Malaysia. The giant snake swimming in Baleh River, Sibu, Sarawak, northern Borneo.

A photograph of a giant snake look melenggak-sway swimming in a river surrounded by tropical peat forests. Black snake was very big, almost filled the river located in the middle of a lush swamp forest. Water lapped at the left-right. Reportedly, the photograph was taken from a helicopter, and February 11, 2009.

Photo that is the debate. Borneo is a giant snakes. But so far, a large snake that was discovered is a sort of sanca or python or snake people paddy called Kalimantan, dozens of meters long.

But the snake is seen in photos and circulated widely on the internet, including Youtube, far longer and greater than python findings. Estimated length of about 100 feet or 33 meters.

Picture was taken by team members floods areas that were published by the Messenger of Sarawak, a local newspaper. New Straits Times in Kuala Lumpur also includes photos that was released by The Telegraph, UK.

There is also distrust them and think engineering alone. This is because so far the snake shots. True or not, the picture was made public around Sarawak, particularly Sibu, fear. Therefore, the river was a transportation artery for this community.
Based on the legend that lived in local communities, it is believed about the existence of a large snake in the area called “Nabau”. According to belief, a snake Nabau with 80 meters long with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils. Villagers who live in Borneo Baleh River believe these mystical creatures. In addition, the community is often seen large snakes in the area.

Well, if the original photograph, whether the snake is seen that kind of python or anaconda? Until now it has not found the anaconda in Borneo.

The record longest snake anaconda at this time (eunectes) from Amazon. Anaconda was a boa family. The length of the latest anaconda found was 50 feet, but scientists believe there is a long anaconda 80 feet, even 100 feet from the snake skin findings by British scientists on an expedition in 1992. Anaconda in the family, according to Mongabay environmental sites, the largest is the green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). Length reaches 43 meters.

Python Asia is the second longest snake. Scientists call it the Asiatic Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus). Longest python found in Borneo area 33 feet in length, and is the world record for the longest current sanca. Scientists long believed python can reach 50 feet or about 15 meters.

The difference is, anaconda expert slimmer and swimming. While python fatter and just like the humidity, not in water. Anaconda bite their prey to death before swallowing, while the python uses its power to bind the prey until his bones were destroyed or did not move again, then swallowed whole.

Beginning in February last year, the scientists also found fossils of snakes weighing a small car. The snake was estimated to be crushed cow-sized animals. 45 foot long monster named Titanoboa is very large and live by eating crocodiles and giant turtles. Weighing up to 1.25 tons. He used to crawl around the tropical forests of South America 60 years ago.

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